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morgancelot's Journal

legends that never got told.
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You don't have to understand the interests to join. I won't understand them next week.

If you ♥ Katie McGrath, Santiago Cabrera, Lancelot du Lac, Morgana le Fay and any combination thereof, this community is for you.

Post of all the available Morgana/Lancelot (& Morgana/Lancelot/others) works.
"do-you-think-her-beautiful?" "yes", a-love-you'd-die-for, after calling cut, after the legends, all-the-snogging-they-did, amazing banter, angel/bradley/colin/katie/santiago, apocrypha, appalling ship names, appearing-in-cheesy-tv-shows, appreciative glances, arthurian legend, awesome swordfights, being banished, betrayal, beyond the legends, booty calls, called it, class barriers, comfort sex, coming out of nowhere, commoner/royal, defying arthur, defying uther, disappointment-at-not-having-scenes-together, epic love stories, everybody loves lancelot, eye flirting, eyesex, filling-the-holes-they-left-behind, forbidden love, fucked-up relationships, getting teased by bradley, great-romances-that-never-were, grief, hatesex, having no evidence, having no members, heroes/merlin, hidden legends, hotel room hopping, how-not-to-seduce-your-co-star, how-to-seduce-your-co-star, imaginary cut scenes, imprisoning lovers in towers, imprisonment-as-an-expression-of-love, in-season-7-they'll-be-married, incomprehensible interests lists, incredibly hot pairings, invisible third lovers, isaac/morgana, it's-only-about-the-sex-okay-fine-it's-not, katie mcgrath, katie&santiago-are-the-new-colin&bradley, katie&santiago-are-the-new-rpattz&kstew, katie/santiago, kissing on set, knight/lady, lady/knight, lancelot, lancelot du lac, lancelot/morgana, lancelot/morgana/arthur, lancelot/morgana/gwen, lancelot/morgana/merlin, lancelot/morgana/morgause, lancelot/morgana/nimueh, lancelot/morgana/uther, lost legends, love on set, love-affairs-defined-by-other-people, love-stories-that-never-got-told, love/hating camelot, making up heinous lies, meeting up at pubs, merlin, merlin/arthur/gwen/morgana/lancelot, missing arthur, missing gwen, missing merlin, mordred&morgause&morgana&lancelot, morgan le fay, morgana, morgana being a badass, morgana le fay, morgana&lancelot: epic renegades, morgana/isaac, morgana/lancelot, morgana/lancelot/arthur, morgana/lancelot/camelot, morgana/lancelot/gwen, morgana/lancelot/merlin, morgana/lancelot/morgause, mourning, my best friend's sister, my brother's best friend, new-stories-from-old-legends, non-canon pairings, obvious endgame, operation get morgana laid, painfully obvious flirting, pick-me-or-never-leave, post-fall, post-fall of camelot, prettiest 'ship in camelot, rare pairings, royal/commoner, rpf, santiago cabrera, santiago/katie, screen-melting chemistry, sexualised apple-eating, sitting in a tree, so non-canon it hurts, speculative glances, sylar vs. merlin, taste-her-on-your-lips, taste-her-on-your-skin, taste-him-on-your-lips, taste-him-on-your-skin, that-scene-where-they-have-the-hottest-sex, that-scene-where-they-kiss, the banished ones, the only ones left, the-hilarity-of-the-merlin-cast, the-story-the-legends-didn't-tell, thinking about arthur, thinking about gwen, thinking about merlin, threesomes with two people, too hot for tv, totally in love, unrequited love, uther's murderous disapproval, very rare pairings, what could have been, what-santiago's-video-diary-would've-looked-like